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Hella - A Good Morning

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Mayoite - 17 Sep '18 12:48

Simon watched his prey take a generous gulp of wine. She had long golden hair a pretty face, and a long slender neck encircled by a choker, perfect for gripping. She was maybe half a head shorter than him with his 1,80m. His eyes dipped to the low neckline of her black camisole, he was looking forward to feeling up those C-cups.

They were at a house party of one of Simon's friends, he wasn't in this city often and had never met most of the people here, but he had decided he would have the blonde the moment he had first been introduced to her, her name was Lana or something. Not only was she exactly his type, with those large blue eyes and that playful smile on her face, she was also drunk and all but begging for a strong man to take charge of her. He had a sixth sense for these kinds of things.

The party moved to the living room table for a drinking game, and he hurried over to be one of the first to sit down on the bench.

"Come, sit next to me." He said with a smile to his prey, patting the empty space next to him.

She sat down with a smile, steading herself on his shoulder. He could feel his world narrow, everything but his prey losing importance. This would be easy.

They played the game and he flirted with Lana, teasing her and making her laugh. Then, in reaction to him flicking her ear, she took his hand in hers and playfully bit his finger.

"Au, hey don't bite me." He said, with a grin, his tone mockingly offended.

"Aww sry." She giggled, kissing his finger.

Well that was all the invitation he needed. He gripped her in the back of her neck and pulled her into him. Pressing his lips on hers, he pushed his tongue against her lips. She opened them a moment later, her reaction time slowed by the alcohol. He kissed her forcefully, his tongue wrestling hers into submission.

"Take a room you two." An auburn haired woman, who would have been his second choice, laughed.

He ignored her, breaking the kiss for a moment, he could see his prey grinning at the other woman for a moment. While she did that, he noticed a man with curly hair and a badly hidden pained expression on his face, who was very pointedly not looking at them.

Simon smiled, placing one hand on the leg of his prey and gripping it lightly, he watched the other man flinch. If Simon had to guess, he would say the man had slept with her, maybe an ex of hers, by the way he reacted. The blonde leaned into him, biting down on his neck. And he smiled to the other man. She belonged to Simon now, and he would enjoy playing with her while her ex watched.

"Mmmhm. You turn me on." He growled into her ear, and she began nibbling up his neck, until her lips met his.

She bit into his lower lip. She was a real biter this one, well just to be sure she knew who was in charge, he thought as he griped her throat. Her eyes widened slightly, but he muffled her protests with his mouth, kissing her hard. He tightened his grip around her throat, choking her.

He could feel her grow softer under his touch, accepting his dominance over her.

Breaking the kiss, this time by biting her lip and pulling away slowly, which made her shiver, he held her for a moment longer, the expression on her eyes fearful yet eager. Then he released her throat, and she drew a ragged breath.

"God you make me so hard." He said to her in a low voice.

Then took her by the back of her neck and pressed her face down on his groin, forcing her to feel the size of his erection with her cheek. He took the opportunity of having her bent over, to grip her ass through her pants. She had a very spankable ass indeed.

Her head pushed up against his hand holding her down, and he pulled her back up, kissing her again.

He pushed one hand into her top and under her bra, feeling up the softness of her boob, and playing with her nipple, rolling it between his fingers. She pulled away from the kiss, playfully biting his arm, that dipping into her cleavage.

He kept going like that for a while, kissing her, and alternating between feeling up her boobs, legs and ass, while she kept nibbling on him whenever they were not kissing. The drinking game rolled on around them, completely ignored by him and his prey, except for when he pushed her head down again, rubbing her cheek against the bulge in his pants. With her head in his lap he looked up, to find the curly haired man look away the instant their eyes met, he had been watching them after all.

Simon grinned, straying a bit of salt into that wound would be fun.

"You turn me on so much, and I bet you are already wet for me." He whispered to the blonde, after pulling her up again.

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